Because Minds Matter – Next Steps

Would you like to learn about progress in policy regarding psychotropic medication of foster children since the national Because Minds Matter conference, August 27-28, 2012?

Because Minds Matter took place 18 months ago.  You were invited because of your leadership role in state or federal government or in scientific and medical research.  You may want to look now at what some states have done and other states are planning.

The National Center for Youth Law’s PsychDrugs Action team intends to carry on the national discussion that began at the Because Minds Matter conference.  Beginning with this post, this blog is designed to help us learn from one another.

  • If your state or organization is a leader in improving psychotropic medication practices, others need to hear about it.
  • Whatever the degree of progress in your state or county, you may benefit from information about what others are doing.
  • Many individuals across states have collaborated to improve policies and share resources.  Following posts on this site may help us all to make progress.

Our first post, reporting Ohio’s progress, can be read here.

Has your state made similar improvements?  Would you like to see your state move in that direction? Are there special topics you would like this blog to cover?  If so, we would like to hear from you!

You probably know others who are involved, or who should be involved, in improving policies that affect psychotropic medication of foster children.  Please forward this invitation to them or send their name and e-mail address to us at this address 

Bill Grimm – Anna Johnson – Edward Opton
PsychDrugs Action Campaign
National Center for Youth Law
405 14th Street 15th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612




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