Antipsychotics Cause Diabetes: Confirmed

By Edward Opton Do antipsychotic medications cause diabetes? The evidence has been strong, but prescribers and patients may have held out hopes for a “no” verdict—until now. Publication of a massive meta-analysis, based on more than two million patient-years of data, now seems provide a definitive answer: yes. Antipsychotics cause diabetes. The new data is […]

Music to Our Ears

By Edward Opton Faithful followers of our blog: We bring you musical holiday greetings.  Today’s music carries a welcome message.  It appears that the concerns about psychotropic medication that many of you have been expressing now are resonating in popular culture. The lyrics you will see and hear tell us that if you are concerned about psychotropic medications–too much, […]

AMA urges ban on DTC – A turning of the tide for medication of foster children?

By Edward Opton The American Medical Association (“AMA”) now­­­ recommends a ban on direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) prescription drug advertising. The powerful American physicians’ professional association adopted the new policy at its national meeting in November. What does the AMA’s new policy have to do with psychotropic medication of foster children? Directly, not a lot, but symbolically […]

I Was An Antipsychotic Zombie

by Edward Opton Here is a personal recollection from a person well known to me. My friend wrote: Some years ago, I was, for one day, an antipsychotic zombie. It was an eye-opener that I shall never forget. At the time, I was a clinical psychology intern working in a university-affiliated hospital.  Salesmen’s drug samples were […]

Victims and Villains

By Edward Opton If you have been following Steven Brill’s current series of articles on Johnson & Johnson’s “antipsychotic” drug Risperdal, you have seen the story become a legal thriller, like a John Grisham novel, but one with living, breathing, real-life victims and villains—victims like Austin Pledger, one of hundreds, possibly thousands of teen-age boys who […]

Johnson & Johnson’s illegal promotion of “antipsychotic” Risperdal is subject of blockbuster exposé in Huffington Post

By Edward Opton “America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker” is The Huffington Post’s headline for the first installment of journalist/author Steven Brill’s 15-part series on the “antipsychotic” drug Risperdal. The “lawbreaker” is Johnson & Johnson, the giant pharmaceutical and consumer products company, one of America’s oldest, most admired—and profitable—corporations. Brill accuses Johnson & Johnson of illegal promotion […]

New England Journal of Medicine Adds its Voice to the Chorus

by Edward Opton Our most recent post, “Mainstream Psychiatry Intensifies Criticism of Off-Label Antipsychotics for Children” (July 27, 2015), reported that an editorial[1] in the prestigious journal JAMA Psychiatry has criticized the widespread off-label misuse of “antipsychotics” on children. The JAMA Psychiatry editorial’s significance, we suggested, is not in the substance of the criticism, for […]