Music to Our Ears

By Edward Opton

Faithful followers of our blog:

We bring you musical holiday greetings.  Today’s music carries a welcome message.  It appears that the concerns about psychotropic medication that many of you have been expressing now are resonating in popular culture.

The lyrics you will see and hear tell us that if you are concerned about psychotropic medications–too much, too soon, too casually dispensed–you are not alone.  For us, and we hope for you, that’s a big measure of hope this holiday season.

Macklemore featuring Leon Bridges:
Look at Kevin, look at Kevin
Now he’s wrapped in plastic
First dealer was his mom’s medicine cabinet
Got anxiety, better go and give him a Xanax
Focus, give him Adderall, sleep, give him Ambien
‘Til he’s walking ’round the city looking like a mannequin
Ups and downs, shooting up prescriptions you’re handing him
So America, is it really worth it? I’m asking you
[Hook: Leon Bridges]
Doctor, please, give me a dose of the American Dream
Put down the pen and look in my eyes
We’re in the waiting room and something ain’t right
All this is on you, we’re overprescribed
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