Washington Takes Giant Step Forward: New Legislation Orders Curbs on Psychotropic Medication of Foster Children

The State of Washington’s legislature has passed, and on May 18 its Governor signed, far-reaching legislation to reduce over-medication of foster children with psychotropic drugs. House Bill 1879 mandates: “. . . the [state health care]authority shall require a second opinion . . . for all prescriptions of one or more antipsychotic medications of all […]

Psychmed Legislative Package Advances in California Senate

NCYL’s legislative package to address the widespread misuse of psychotropic medications on children in foster care, is receiving a warm reception in the California State Senate. The four bills in the package – SB 238, SB 253, SB 319 and SB 484 – were unanimously approved by the Human Services Committee on April 22nd. This […]

“Drugging Our Kids” Documentary

The San Jose Mercury New has concluded its powerful investigative series “Drugging Our Kids” with a moving documentary featuring the stories of several foster youth active in the Psychdrugs Action Campaign as well as interviews with NCYL’s Bill Grimm and Anna Johnson, and many of the campaign’s medical advisors. You can see the documentary here […]

Newspaper Series Spurs State Response

The publication of the investigative series “Drugging Our Kids”   in the San Jose Mercury is having an immediate impact on California’s efforts to rein in dangerous prescribing of psychotropic medications to children in foster care. The series has already resulted in an investigation  by the California State Medical Board into whether some doctors are […]

Spread the Word: “Drugging Our Children” No More!

As published on the Chronicle for Social Change: On Sunday, a powerful part 1 of the San Jose Mercury News series “Drugging Our Kids” shed light on the many facets of the overuse of psychotropic (mind-altering) medications with foster kids. In addition to the main article, there were local pieces detailing medication practices in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. We […]