The Campaign

Too many children in foster care are medicated with too many psychotropic drugs. Tens of thousands of foster children of all ages are being medicated with psychotropic drugs in ways likely to harm them: high dosages, multiple prescriptions, and insufficient monitoring.

The current federal government effort to implement the 2011 Fostering Innovations and Improvements in Child Welfare Act presents a unique opportunity for action. The federal government, which pays for most foster care medication, has called on the states to make psychotropic medication reform a priority. The PsychDrugs Action Campaign will support that initiative.

The necessary changes will be complex. Multiple agencies in each state must work cooperatively. The standard of medical care for foster children must change but corporations whose stock prices depend on these highly lucrative prescriptions will try to dominate, capture and block reform.

The PsychDrugs Action Campaign seeks to work on two fronts. We will work to create and to sustain awareness of the over-medication problem and we will bring to program administrators the information they need to implement necessary changes. Some states have made substantial headway. Other states can learn from those successful effots. We will make that information available in practical and usable forms.

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